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What is Montessori Education?
East Shore Montessori School & Child Care
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About Us

Programs are available during the school
year and in the summer.

Key points from ESMS

  • Licensed by the Pennsylvania
  • Department of Public Welfare
    & Dept. of Education
  • Licensed Kindergarten
  • Infant, Toddler, pre-school care available
  • Before and after school care available
  • A loving, caring, safe environment full
    of choices and challenges
  • Montessori trained teachers
  • Continuing education of teachers and directors
  • Full and part-time programs
  • Year round programs
  • Developmentally appropriate materials
    and programs

Children learn because of
natural curiosity.  ESMS offers
not only a warm, loving
childcare program, but also the
opportunity for children to
cultivate their desire to learn by
providing hands-on age
appropriate materials in a
relaxed, but stimulating

Adopting the philosophy of  
Maria Montessori, we provide
an atmosphere of discipline,
order and calm.  Children are
respected and therefore,
expected to respect
themselves, others and their

In addition to the environment,
we offer a trained and qualified
staff responsive to the essential
needs of the children.  They
assist the children in building
within themselves the
foundation for a lifetime of
creative and constructive
ESMS  accepts applications for
children, without regard to race,
color, creed, disability,
ancestry, national origin, age,
sex or Limited English
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