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Kindergarten Room
Where daily exercises such as pouring, spooning, washing, sweeping and food
prep, allow the child to satisfy his need for meaningful activity while developing
coordination, concentration, independence and a sense of order.
A phonetic approach
to language
development is used.  
The child first meets
the alphabetical
symbols by feeling
their shape and
outline.  He hears the
sound of the letter
which the teacher
repeats while
introducing it. Natural
fascination for words
at this age enables
the child to begin
building and
sounding words.
The child learns basic concepts of math by using concrete materials designed
to represent numbers and quantities.  In our environment, the child can touch
numbers and items while counting.  They develop an early enthusiasm and a
concrete foundation for math.
Math Teaching
Sensorial activities help the
child become aware of details
by educating the senses.  Each
piece of material isolates one
defining quality such as color,
weight, shape, texture, size,
sound, smell, taste, etc.
Sensorial Teaching
In the Montessori classroom, you will likely see beautiful materials and maps,
which help the children learn about the world they live in and its
surroundings.  Many hands on materials are in these areas for the child to
explore and discover.   

ART and MUSIC   
Art in this environment strives to maintain the great joy the child finds in
creating something of his own.  Here, the process, not the product, is
stressed.  Music is evident in the classroom in listening, playing and